Innjoo Fire 3 Pro LTE Review And Major Specs-Should You Buy?


Welcome to another version of our smart phone review where we cover any smart phones specs and features to summarize its performance and what its got.

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Lets start with the Innjoo Fire 3 Pro LTE by looking at its Major Specs.

Processor Speed (1.3 GHz Quad-Core)

This is the processor that almost all the mid-range smart phones out there are using which is moderately fast when employed to a normal use and not high performing activities.

This phone uses a low processor unless the its backed up with a higher RAM which we will look in the next session.

Multi-Tasking (3GB RAM)

Though the processor of the Innjoo fire 3 Pro LTE is relatively low, it is backed up with a 3GB of RAM which handles all Multi-Tasking Activities on the Phone.

The Fire 3 Pro LTE can handle more than 20 apps at the same time and still run smoothly.

Internet Speed (4G LTE)

Just like the LTE attached as a Suffix on the Innjoo Fire 3 Pro LTE, It offers a fast internet connection and download.

So, in terms of internet spped, You shouldn’t worry much with this phone.

Display (5.5 inch HD)

The display of the fire 3 Pro is nice as it has a 5.5 Inch HD display which of course outputs all activities in a High Definition Format.

Camera Quality (13MP + 5MP)


Speaking of Camera quality, the Innjoo Fire 3 Pro LTE spots a 13 MP back and 5 MP front facing camera which takes great shot and selfies.


The finger print scanner at the back of the Fire 3 Pro LTE is a great backup to the security platform of the phone as only your finger can unlocked the phone if that feature is enabled.


It supports a Dual LED flash light at the back and a single LED at the front which is backing both camera’s up in taking great shots in low light.

Storage (32GB Internal Storage)

With a 32GB internal storage packed with the Innjoo Fire 3 Pro LTE which can also be upgraded to 128GB, You wont have any Insufficient storage issues with storing files.

Battery (3000mAh)

The 3000 mAh battery on the 5 inch HD display of the innjoo fire 3 Pro though will perform well but its not enough to power all the features of the phone for a longer time.

Should You Buy?

This phone has performed really well in all the aspects except for the battery life which will not last that much if subjected to heavy use.

So, if you want a super fast phone with a great camera and internal storage, go for the Innjoo Fire 3 Pro LTE.

So what do you think about the Fire 3 Pro LTE?


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