Things/Factors To Consider Before Buying Any Smart Phone

Smart phones are very useful gadgets out which are serving a high variety of purposes for individuals who own them depending on what they are applied to.

Because mobile phones are very important this days especially for carrying out almost all our day to day activities, it is wise that we consider and put so many things into consideration before spending our hard earned money buying the smart phone.

In this article,  we are going to consider some of the factors that must be available or that must be passed before spending on a mobile phone.

These factors mentioned below depends entirely on the user and what the user is using the smartphone for.

Listed below are the sufficient and or the important factors that needs attention before buying a phone. 

  1. Speed
  2. Camera quality
  3. Battery life

They are still other contributing factors but in this article,  we are looking at the most important ones.

Now,  let’s see how this factors mentioned above affect our choice of smartphone.


How to make a phone faster

Speed I can say,  Is the most important of all the contributing factors as it determines the type of work (heavy or light)  that the smartphone will be subjected to within its capacity.

In mobile phones,  the size of speed is considered using CPU which are measured in Hertz.

There are some varieties of CPU’s depending on the number of core(s) used.

They are:

Single core -1 CPU

Dual Core-2 CPU

Quad core-4 CPU

Octa-core – 8 CPU

And above.

The more the number of CPU’s on a mobile phone, the faster the phone.

E.g: A phone that has 1GHz dual core(2 CPU) processor is faster than a phone that has 1GHz single core processor.

From the example above,  the first phone has a total CPU size of 2GHz while the last one had a total CPU size of 1GHz .

1b. RAM


Ram is considered under the speed of a mobile phone as its very important for multi-tasking (Doing different things at the same time) or in a simple form, Using two or more apps at the same time.

The higher the size of the RAM which is measured in GB or MB (1GB = 1000MB) ,  the faster the smartphone will be with multi-tasking.

So when considering to buy a mobile phone,  go with the one that has higher number of cores(CPU) , higher bandwidth (Size) and higher RAM size.

2.Camera Quality


Camera quality on a mobile phone is also very important as it helps us to take shots of those funny, special and important moments of our day.

Camera quality is considered using MP (Mega Pixel), we have some varieties of camera qualities like 5mp, 8mp ,13mp, 20mp etc.

Depending on the quality of pixel used, how good a camera is depends on the number of pixels it has.

So assuming the camera qualities listed above have same quality,  then the 20mp is more brighter and more clearer compared to the 13mp,  8mp, 5mp and vice versa.

So when planning on getting a mobile phone which you want use to snap some of your moments,  go with a phone with high mp camera .finally lets look at the

3.Battery Life


Before enjoying some of the features mentioned above on a smartphone, your phone must have sufficient battery life to sustain you with all your activities on your mobile.

So this in effect means that the battery life in some extent ranks number 1 sufficient condition before buying a mobile phone.

A smartphone with higher MAH battery last longer than a smartphone with lower MAH battery.

For example,  assuming other conditions are the same,  a 3000 MAH battery will last longer than a 2000 or 2500 MAH battery.

So in conclusion, consider the battery life of a phone before considering to buy it.

That’s mostly what you need to know or consider before buying a smartphone.

Are you having trouble choosing between two smart phones? tell me about it by commenting below and I will try to be of help.

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