How to Use a Green Dot Card Without Registering

Can You Use a Green Dot Card Without Registering

Hello dear esteemed readers, this article will explain to you whether you can use a greendot card without registering it.

Can You Use a Green Dot Card Without Registering?

How to Use a Green Dot Card Without Registering

The simple answer is NO, You cannot use a greendot card if you have not registered it. This means that you must register your greendot card before you can make use of it.  This will of course require you to provide your social security number.

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Now that you have known that you cannot use your greendot card without registering it, it might also interest you to know why you actually might be having issues registering your greendot card. The next headline will talk more about that.

Why Can’t I Register My GreenDot Card?

The answer is also very simple. You have been doing it the wrong way. This is why I am going to show you the right way for you to register your greendot card without having any error or issue. Read along…

How Do I Activate My Greendot Card?

Here is a detailed step to activate a greendot card:

  1. Visit or call (866) 795-7605),
  2. Enter your valid personal information and your card details (Name, Address, DOB),
  3. Enter valid card detail (Card name, 16-digit card number, Expiry date, 3-digit CVC at the back of the card),
  4. Enter your mobile number,
  5. Your greendot card should get activated if your detail has been correctly input.

Kindly note that the above activation steps are the same as registering your greendot card. So if you have been searching for how you can register your greendot card, the above steps are what is required of you to follow.

How Can You Activate A Greendot Card Without Social Security?

If you are looking to bypass the social security number while registering your greendot card, it is very possible to do so. In fact, most prepaid card issuers will activate your account via an alternative form of identification.

So all you need to do in other to activate your card without SSN is to first check the card-issuing bank to see the kind of identification that will be requested. You can always access a prepaid account without having to provide an SSN

How To Know If My Greendot Card is Activated.

It is very easy for you to know when your greendot card has been activated. All you need to do is to check the Gmail you use while registering. An email will be sent to the Gmail account confirming your Successful registration. If you find this email, then it shows that your account has successfully been activated or registered.

Alternatively, you can also know if your greendot account has been activated if you are able to view your fund or wallet balance right from your greendot dashboard. These are the two methods you can use to confirm the activation status of your greendot account.


Greendot is one of those prepaid cards you can use without the Social Security Number, SSN if you are smart enough to make your research about the issuing bank mode of identification. It is owned by Paypal and so its mode of operation is very similar to that of Paypal.

Greendot is very secure, fast as well as reliable. It allows you to make transactions online without stress and limitation.

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