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How To Make Fake Paypal Payment Screenshot (Pro Tips)

Here, you will know how online scammers generate fake Paypal payments or receipts to scam people who don’t know how to distinguish fake Paypal payment summaries from the original. Have you ever been scammed online by someone via an online earning program that makes false promises with the claim of making a huge amount of money with little or no investment that will double or 10x your capital? Funny right? I can estimate that 65% of online business owners have in one way or the other fallen victim to these fake promises from people like this. Do you know why this trick will always catch people? Fake proof.

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How To Make 20 Fake PayPal Payment Screenshots

fake paypal invoice

To generate any number of fake Paypal proofs, the process is the same as generating 20 screenshots: All you have to do is to Visit PayPal.com and log in to your account, You will be redirected to the Summary page on the right side, you will see your transitions for the last 30 days, Click on one of them and view, Now click on the “Menu Bar” of your chrome with the three dots, Navigate to “More tool”, Click on “Developer tool” (Alternatively, you can simply press “Ctrl + Shift + I”….Read More below! Read Also: How Long Does A Pending Transaction Take To Expire

Yes, fake proof is a very good way to convince people. When someone sees an income payment proof, receipts, earnings, or alerts that are so difficult to differentiate from the genuine ones, it then gets so difficult to know the fake online business promises from the legit ones. This is the trick most of these scammers use. We can see such activities commonly in showing Adsense earnings, bank alerts, bank statements, Paypal account screenshots, crypto Wallets screenshots, and many others. But trust me, after reading this post, you will never fall victim to fake payment, fake screenshots, or fake Paypal screenshots again. It will also be kind of you to share these posts for others to have this knowledge. Amazingly, I will as well teach you how to create these kinds of fake proofs so you can even try it out yourself and see that there is nothing too special or difficult about it. all you need to have is just a little knowledge of HTML and a PC.

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How To Identify Fake Screenshots

Let’s take this Adsense account as a case study.


Above is a screenshot of a Real AdSense account login having a total earning of $0.07 with 226 page views and RPM was $0.43


Observe the second image, and see the error in the editing by the so-called scammer. I did this mistake intentionally to make you know how these people operate. Imagine an earning jumping from $0.07 to $225 while the total page view is just 226. You can now ask yourself, is it possible to earn $225 with just 226 pageviews from Adsense? With this second image, you can easily tell that this proof is fake.


Looking at the third image, it might be a  bit difficult to tell whether this is a fake account or real. It seems as if the person who edited this understands how these clicks, impressions, and earnings are generated. Not just some random scammers who do not know anything about AdSense and how it works. Of course, anybody can easily earn $225 with about 5,32,800 page views in Adsense. Oh yeah! now the next thing you will hear from this scammer is,

Do you want to earn like me in a day? then pay just $100 to know how to earn like this within 5 days.

You might want to start thinking the above images were photoshopped. hell no! If it were edited with photoshop, the legitimacy can easily be traced or trackable. The above fake screenshots were edited by inspecting the elements from the console log. This is no magic. It is what you can also do. But before I do this, lemme show you another example with a PayPal account.


real screenshot of a paypal account

Here is a screenshot showing a real Paypal account with $0.00


edited paypal account with $500.50 balance

From the second image, you will notice that I now have a wallet balance of $500.50 which is not true. I edited it myself. This is what scammers do to deceive people to scam them.

Let us continue on how to generate our fake Paypal balance screenshot

After you have opened your PayPal account and have signed in, the first thing you will see is a $0.00 balance.

$0 paypal balance screenshot

Not to worry,

Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of your chrome browser, then navigate to “more tools” as shown below

fake paypal receipt generator

Next, navigate to “Developer Tools” as shown below.

generate fake paypal screenshot

Next, you will notice a pop-up on the screen as shown below. This is called the element inspector which let you highlight any part of the website and see the code used for it.

paypal balance

Now, notice that when you hover on the balance section, it is as shown below with a $0.00 balance.

paypal balance proof

Now double click on the value as highlighted above and make changes to it. For the sake of this example, we will be changing it to $1,000,000.00

paypal balance screenshot

Now you can exit the chrome inspection tool and you showed now see that your balance will turn to something like this:

paypal fake balance screenshot

Congratulations! you have just generated your fake PayPal balance. Make a screenshot of it and use it for your desired purpose.

Below is a Helpful Video Guide on How to Generate/Create/Edit a fake Paypal Payment Screenshot.

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Fake Paypal money sent screenshot generator

Requirements Here are what you need to get you going on creating this account.

  • A PayPal account
  • At least a one-time transaction on your Paypal account (Signify if you don’t have one, I’ll send one to you immediately)

Create Fake PayPal Payment proof

  • Visit PayPal.com and log in to your account.
  • You will be redirected to the Summary page on the right side, you will see your transitions for the last 30 days.
  • Click on one of them and view
  • Now click on the “Menu Bar” of your chrome with the three dots
  • Navigate to “More tool”
  • Click on “Developer tool” (Alternatively, you can simply  press “Ctrl + Shift + I”
  • Then you will see the “page source code” where you will be able to manipulate the HTML, CSS of the page.
  • Now, save the source code page as HTML and open it in notepad, sublime text, or any other editor you have on your PC.
  • Now to locate any element you want to edit, simply click on the “Ctrl + F- key” This will help you find the element easily.
  • E.g, suppose we want to change our balance from $150 to $16,000 all you need to do is to press and hold “Ctrl + F”
  • The input “$150 to know the exact place where it is
  • Now you can make the change to the code by typing $16,000.
  • After the whole editing and modification, save the new source code and then open it up in chrome.
  • Take a screenshot of it and your new fake Paypal invoice is ready for use.

Alternatively: You can just copy and edit this already written code into your text editor and open it up with your browser. It will display a prototype of a fake Paypal invoice or receipt for you.

Want to Create a Paypal account for teens? Here is how to do that:

Have Heard about Fake PayPal Payment Generator APK?

This app allows you to generate multiple fake Paypal receipts anytime. 

Heard Of Paypal Payment Link Generator?

Paypal payment link generator is an app that let you create and save custom invoices you can send to your customers by email.

It allows you to get paid even when you don’t have a Paypal account yet. Whenever you receive money with your email address, you will be notified by Paypal that you have been paid.

You can read more here

Many might also want to know the name of the app which makes fake Paypal payments.

Below is a list of names of apps you can use to generate fake PayPal proofs most commonly used:

  • Custom Receipt Maker
  • Invoice Ninja
  • Zoho
  • InvoiceApe
  • FakeReceipt
  • SquareUp
  • Wave Invoicing
  • Fresh Books
  • Quick Books
  • Invoiced

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently Asked Questions on How to generate fake Paypal proof.

What does a fake PayPal payment confirmation email look like?

Here is what a fake PayPal payment confirmation email looks like:

fake paypal payment confirmation email

Can You fake a PayPal Receipt?

Yes, It is very possible to fake a Paypal receipt. And you can know these when you receive an email message informing you that you have received an invoice via PayPal. Most of the time, these senders or scammers use it for dubious purposes.

How do I send a fake payment Alert on PayPal?

To send a fake Paypal payment, you need to copy the payment address first and then send it to [email protected]. Once your email has been successfully sent, they were able to confirm that the site is phishing.

Can you Fake a Paypal Payment or Screenshot?

Yes, it is very possible to create a fake PayPal alert. Some buyers can make payments to the seller’s PayPal account that exceed the cost of the item they are purchasing to commit Paypal fraud. Whereas the payment screenshot is fake in the first place.

Can I Know if someone is scamming me on Paypal?

Yes, It is possible to know when you are being scammed on PayPal. All you need to do is to look at the Gmail account carefully. Paypal makes it difficult o fake your full name. So whenever you see an email like [email protected] sending you a message, you can determine if such a Paypal user is fake.

How does a Fake PayPal Message Look Like?

Fake PayPal messages are very easy to identify, you can know this by looking at the sender’s email address. most fake PayPal accounts use randomly generated email. So whenever, you get a message from a randomly generated mail address, it is a red flag for you to know it is a fake account irrespective of the content of the message.

How can I send fake payments on Paypal?

Send any PayPal payment or proof by copying the web address and the send the [email protected].

Is there a fake PayPal email?

Yes. It is very possible to get a fake PayPal email. Whenever you get an email that comes in the form “ Dear User” or “Hello, PayPal member”, this is a clear indication to tell you that the email is from a fake account. Paypal will never send their customers any email with generic greetings. So anytime you notice the email sent to you does not contain your first and last name as the salutation, then the PayPal user is fake and you should hereby ignore the email content or report the mail.

How do I spot and report a fake email to PayPal?

Once you noticed that the email you receive is from a fake PayPal account user, you must report the email once spotted. Here is the email you should forward such suspicious messages to: [email protected]

I have also written a detailed article on how you can spot a fake PayPal email. take some minute and check it out now.

What should a PayPal email look like?

A real Paypal email will be addressed to you by “Your Name” (Your first name and Last name). When you see an email addressed to you in the form “Dear Customer” or “Dear User” or “Hello PayPal Member“, then you should not open any link, attachment included.

How do I know if a text from PayPal is real?

If you’re not sure whether a PayPal email is legitimate or not, here is what you must do: don’t click on any link in the email. Instead, go to PayPal.com and log in. If there is an urgent message for you, you will see it on your profile Notifications.

Is there a fake PayPal website?

Yes. Many fake PayPal websites are not real. You will always see links to such emails sent directly to your address. You should ensure not to click on any link or open an attachment sent to you from a suspicious PayPal address that falls in the category we have listed above…Here is a helpful video to know about spoof websites.

How do I send PayPal spam?

To send PayPal spam, simply forward the email to: [email protected]. When you aren’t sure if a message that appears to be from PayPal is really from us, don’t click on any links, call any listed phone numbers or download attachments. Forward the entire email to [email protected] and delete it from your inbox.



Customizing a Paypal receipt or any other receipt is very simple and people use this for different purposes. However, to easily know if your PayPal invoice is real or not will be very difficult if you follow the above process.

Hurry now and try it out. you might not be able to generate the correct fake invoice at the first trial if you do not know a bit of coding or HTML before. But over time, with consistent practice, you will get it right.

Hope this article helps you? If it does, kindly share it with your friends for information purposes. Thank you for the read.

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