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How to Find Paypal QR Code

The world is evolving as technology is advancing. Technology has reduced stress, saves time, and also makes it easy for us to carry out the tedious task. One of these is the creation of QR code technology developed in 1994. QR code is designed specifically for two tasks, the first is to store a large amount of data and also to decide at high speed using any device like phones. The QR Code is now popular as more people are aware of the technology thus it is now at a high level of worldwide acceptance.

A new Technology acceptance is gotten when the audience understands its benefit that no other technology can do. A lot of people used the QR code during the pandemic which allowed the QR code to show that it’s no gimmick. Businesses are now using the QR Code more widely and creatively. The QR code’s 7,000 characters would help Businesses perform better.

For someone that has a PayPal business account, it is very important to create, print, and share a QR code.

PayPal QR code

To find or create your unique PayPal QR code: Open your PayPal App or go to the PayPal website, At the Home screen, click on the More icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, After clicking the more icon, a list will be displayed when you select QR codes out of the lists, On the next display, click view your Code, Click Save to camera roll and finally, A prompt message will be displayed. Click OK. That’s how to get your PayPal QR code.

To discover more on how to get a Paypal QR code, continue reading this post to know more interesting things about the PayPal QR code itself.


What is PayPal QR Code

It is very important to know what a QR code is and what it is used for. QR code means Quick Response Code. It is a two-dimensional bar code that can be scanned with a smartphone camera or QR code reader apps. Once you scan the QR code, it redirects you to a website or any other related place or a landing page. You can use a PayPal QR code to accept payment. And this QR code can be generated for your business after you’ve created your PayPal account. Whenever your customer is ready to pay, the QR Code will be scanned and will be redirected to PayPal. Your customer will log into his/her PayPal account and enter the amount from his/her funding source.

You can put your PayPal QR code outside or inside your shop or anywhere your customers will easily see it.


PayPal has launched a QR code for payment in the UK and 27 other markets in the world, for businesses to revive payments and for consumers to make purchases. QR code function in the PayPal app allows you to buy or sell without meeting in-person to pay in cash.


Research made it known that touch-free payments might be the last legacy of Covid-19 because customers shun ATMs and PIN pads. The development of QR codes as a means of payment has come to stay.


About 20 years ago, businesses started placing QR codes on almost everything as an easy and quick way to make payments. Obviously, in the coronavirus period, the major benefit of taking QR code payment is that it prevents customers from physical transactions due to Covid-19 guidelines.


How to Find PayPal QR Code

Before finding a PayPal QR code, you have to first create a PayPal account if you do not have one and then you go ahead to create your Paypal QR code. It is after these that you can have access to a PayPal QR code.


How to Create PayPal QR Code (Via The Paypal Business App)

  1. Open your PayPal App or go to the PayPal website.
  2. At the Home screen, click on the More icon at the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. After clicking the more icon, a list will be displayed when you select QR codes out of the lists.
  4. On the next display, click view your Code.
  5. Click Save to camera roll
  6. A prompt message will be displayed. Click OK


Another way to find your PayPal QR code (Via The Web)

  1. Go to
  2. Select generate QR code at the top of the screen.
  3. Log into your PayPal account
  4. When the page loads, select download your QR code.

Once you do all these, your QR code would have been saved in your photos. You can now print the QR Code out and paste it for your customers to use.

Now, it is one thing to know how to create a QR code for PayPal, It is another thing entirely to know how to use it or use it for your business. Let me show you how to use a QR code to sell your product and service via PayPal. But most importantly, you need to inform your customers to show you their purchase confirmation so you can confirm whether the transaction is complete and legitimate.


Here are a few suggestions on how to use a PayPal QR code for a better result:

  1. Post is on your Window if you have a Store: For those who run a business that has a store where people come physically to make purchases. You can simply print out the QR code and paste it into your store window. This will make it very easy to use for the customers.
  2. Attach directly to the Delivery or Package: Another way to use a QR code is to attach it directly to the customer’s package. If your business is the one that offers a delivery service. Simply print out your payment QR code and attach it directly to the customer’s package.
  3. Paste it at the sales Point/counter: This is one of the traditional ways to make Oxandrolone price the QR code easily accessible to all your customers. Simply print out your unique QR code and paste it at the checkout point of your store or counter so that customers can simply scan it with their devices and pay without having to even interact with anybody at the point of payment. This is one of the reasons why it was greatly adopted during the Covid 19 period because it really promoted social distancing.
  4. Donation: For those who also rely on donations from people for their business. It is a very good way to get people to pay you easily. All you need to do is just share your QR code with people and they get to scan and pay directly into your account via the code.

QR codes are no doubt one of the most accepted innovations in the immediate response era. They are very helpful in processing. One of the prominent payment innovations is the PayPal QR code. PayPal QR code payment is easy and saves time a lot. Delightedly, PayPal has lots of options like PayPal personnel, PayPal business, and PayPal invoice. Irrespective of your needs, there is a service for PayPal QR code payments.

PayPal QR codes allow Instant transactions plus a security bonus.


Well, as easy as QR Code generating is, there are common difficulties in using a QR code.


QR Code Scanning Problems

PayPal QR code not working? Here are what we suggest that you can do.

  1. Color and Contrast: Originally, QR Codes are designed to have a square black module on a white background. Mind you, once the black squares on the back mix or join together, it may trip some readers up and it may affect the QR Code scanning leading to misinformation of the characters.

And also the QR Code can have a lighter color square on a dark background and the contrast between the foreground and background isn’t enough. All these color fault comparisons can make the QR code scanning fail.


  1. The QR Code is too complex: QR code users are too many. From QR code users in health cares to Food and many more. QR codes are sometimes used to store information. And this information are quite much hence, QR Code becomes extremely slow.


  1. QR Code is expired: QR code also expires. Once it expires there are two things involved. The first is that the QR code has reached the number of scan limit. Or the QR code has expired since the company placed expiry dates on them.

These are the main QR Code scanning problems you may encounter while trying to use it. These difficulties are not something that occurs often.

Add Aditional Tips on How to Use PayPal QR Code for a Better Return for Your Business

  1. Ensure to ask your customer to show you their confirmation screen so you can know if they actually sent you the current amount.
  2. Ensure you enable Push Notification on your phone or device to allow you receive a notification whenever there is any new payment via your PayPal QR code.

To know about the different kinds of Stores That Accept the Paypal QR Code in The USA. Kindly read the article below now.

Stores That Accept Paypal QR Code in The USA

Here is a helpful Video Guide for you on how to make your own Paypal QR code.


It is concluded that the development of QR codes as a means of payment has come to stay due to their easy and fast usage. More so, people are keen to use what is more stress-free which is what PayPal has introduced. PayPal QR code is very easy to create and very easy to locate on PayPal. As an easy means of payment, the PayPal QR code creates an avenue for Business owners and their customers to have an easy payment transaction. PayPal QR code also allows you to have a more secured payment transaction.

It is no hyperbole to regard the PayPal QR code as one of the best payment innovations that are currently advancing in the world. Have you used the PayPal QR code before? We want to hear from you.

Share with us your experience and for those who have not used it before, I hope you were able to learn something.

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