How to get free instant $100 on paypal

How to Get Free Instant $100 On PayPal Legally

Today, some of us use PayPal for online transactions but only a few of us are apprised of the chances of earning money for free. There exist a great number of legit ways of getting free fast $10 or $100 instantly on PayPal. Some people do not know about this but you can get free money on PayPal.

We now have a large number of people that prefer to work from home so they look for remote employment opportunities. These people are on the lookout for legal online jobs and learning how to make free money on PayPal might be favorable to them. Going for peer-to-peer money transfer, PayPal surpasses all other apps like Zelle and Venom. This is because PayPal is very accessible and also have various payment method.

Getting free PayPal money actually sounds nice but there is no company that will give you free PayPal money. However, PayPal will pay you for doing some things. The internet is a good place to make money as it offers a lot of opportunities to get free PayPal money from home.

What to Do To Get Free $100 On PayPal.

Getting free money on PayPal ranges from giving opinions on watched videos to using cashback apps. In addition, you have the opportunity to receive a free $100 PayPal fund being a user of the platform.

Get this clear and don’t be too excited because free $100 does not mean that you will get it on a platter of Gold once you register. Trust me there is nobody that will do that.

What this means is that you will have to engage in less stressful tasks that won’t cost you much (just a pittance) before you can get the free $100.

It may sound like hyperbole but it is perfectly true. Continue reading to know how to get this free PayPal fund.

Ways to Get Free Money On PayPal (From Websites)

In no particular order, the below-listed sites are where you can get jobs with less stress and make big bucks.

1. Watch2Earn

This is one of the smartest platforms where you can make up to a $100 PayPal fund. You earn on this site just by referring friends, executing tasks, and watching videos. For successful activities, you get rewarded in monetary value which will be sent to your preferred PayPal account.

2. Receipt Hog

On this site, you get a free $100 PayPal fund once you redeem the coins earned. You shop on this platform by buying some stuff, then you take picture of the receipt and submit it to earn coins and PayPal cash.

3. Shop With Ebates

This site requires minimal effort to get money from it. On this site, once you sign up you will get paid and you will be offered more than 2000 stores to shop from while you receive up to 40% cashback.

4. Wealth Words

On this site, you test your skills with crosswords online. There are a lot of crossword puzzles that can make you earn cash. You can win $100 PayPal cash easily with less stress. Their puzzle game ranges from Unicorns, Trojans and Mavericks. You can get $20, $40, or $100 in a day with PayPal. To make higher amounts, get yourself engaged in their Unicorns.

There is no limit to the amount you can get on Wealth Words. You can make money from $100 to $1000 by using PayPal. You can even earn more than that depending on your word-solving skill.

5. Opinion Outpost

On the Opinion outpost, you get money by sharing views and filling out online surveys to get $100 PayPal money. The payment will be sent directly into your PayPal account

6. Unbabel

This task on this site is quite different from what we have on other sites. This is because Unbabel allows you to get free $100 PayPal money just by translating languages like German and French. Your skill and speed in translating will determine the amount you earn.

7. Quickate

You earn free $100 PayPal money on this site by recording phone calls, letters, medical files, memos, conference calls, etc.

8. Scribendi

Your proofreading skills will help you get $100 PayPal money fast. As a proofreader, search for a telecommuting position. You must be eligible for proofreading as you are required to have relevant qualifications like years of experience and a university degree in document production, writing, language teaching, and editing. Once you are eligible you can earn $100 PayPal money and even more.

More Legit Ways To Get Instant $100 from PayPal

Sign Up With Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers you a free sign-up bonus of about 10000 SB  which you later exchange for an instant $100 PayPal funds.

By signing up with Swagbucks for free with your email and password. You will be able to redeem your 10000SB point for $100 if you complete your registration.

Earn with Paribus Your Receipts

By just snapping and keeping your shopping receipt on a site like Paribus, you can earn a free $100 Paypal fund instantly.

Paribus is a revolutionary approach to online shopping that can help you save money on your purchases by monitoring retailer policies.

It automatically scans for online shopping receipts and monitors for any price drops or shipping delays. You can join Paribus today to have access to also east instant fast $100 Paypal bonus now.

Shop At MyPoint

MyPoint offers you the access to get up to about $10 Paypal and even more than $100 just by shopping with them.

For every $20 purchase you make with them, you will be given an extra $10 as well as an additional $5 whenever you complete 5 surveys.

With a site like MyPoint shopping just get so amazing and fun. How amazing it is that just earning free money and at the same time you are shopping for your goodies. I advise you to take advantage of this opportunity now.

Shop At Ibotta for free for an Instant $100

With the Ibotta grocery shopping app, you can earn as far as $100 in Paypal funds monthly, weekly, or even daily

All you need to do is to shop for groceries via the app, the send your shopping receipt to them through the app.

You can as well even earn more on your pickups and deliveries from grocery stores and delivery services like Walmart groceries, Best buy,, and Domino’s Pizza.

Visit ShopKick Store and Earn Instantly

This sounds like the most impossible of them all. Earning Paypal funds for free just by stepping your foot into a ShopKick store. But yes it is 100% possible.

ShopKick is a shopping app that rewards you for shopping both online and in-store.

Once you shop for any ShopKick item, you get a reward known as “KICK”, this reward can be redeemed for different amazing gift cards or Paypal funds. You will have access to free PayPal funds just by entering the store.

But how does this work?  All you have to do is to join ShopKick today by downloading and registering on the app, this alone will give you a number of KICKs whether you purchase anything or not.

You can then go to their store, scan some products, and walk around the store, then you will get instant free KICKs. These KICKs can then be redeemed for free at $100 Paypal or you can decide to close it and get gift cards instead.

Take the chance today and join to get started and start earning from KICKs for free $100s

How To Get Free $100 PayPal Money

As long as you have a skill, you will be able to earn the free PayPal fund and you can get this in a number of ways. The first thing to do is to sign up and participate in paid surveys, watch videos, play games, write reviews, listen to music, chat with students and earn your money.

I know some people are desperate in getting the free money because to them those sites are not paying them at the exact time the money is needed. Therefore, the question is, how do you get free $100 on PayPal instantly?

If you want to earn more, you can pull up freelancing jobs like Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, and so on. On these listed platforms, you can get jobs in graphic designing, logo designing, web designing, data entry, email scrapping, Facebook page set up, etc.

Another beautiful way to get money on PayPal is to have a blogging site where some interesting articles can be written for interested people to see. It should be noted that you have to generate enough traffic before you can get paid by google. Another great platform is the YouTube channel. You can open a YouTube channel and start making money from it.

To get free PayPal money, you can realize as much as $100. You can actually get more than that depending on the activity or task you engage in. Activities referred to here do not mean illegal activities, but legit activities that require no stress. Don’t be surprised when I said legit jobs, because there are a lot of legal jobs you can get a free $100 PayPal fund from if you are dedicated.

To get a job on those sites what you need is to create a PayPal account and join any of the sites by being active there and then earn money on the go. Above all, PayPal is one of the well-known online payment systems in the world and it is available in more than 200 countries.


You can see now that it was never an exaggeration when it was stated that you can get free $100 PayPal money.
Once you join any of those sites listed, you stand a great chance of getting free $100 into your PayPal account. It is very easy and reliable plus it requires little effort, dedication, and time.

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