How to open up a null file

How to Open Null File: Online, Android, iPhone & On Windows

Are you looking for the best way to open a null file on your mobile phone, window device, laptop, mac, or iOS etc? If this is your question, then you are on the right page where you will get your answer. This article will cover all you need to know about the different ways you can open any type of null file on any device and all the things you would need to get this done.


To give you a short and precise answer to this question, see below.

How to Open Null file

How to open up a null file

To open up a null file, all you have to do is to ensure you know the correct file extension, download a null file universal Opener like WPS, PDF File viewer or file Sharing Manager and then open the file with it. To Open a Null file, at times, You might need to contact the Software developer. They are a good way to provide you with a helpful guide to opening any null file.

To know more about how to open null files on android, Windows, and online, continue reading this post to discover more interesting tips about the topic.

Are you facing any issues with your android, mobile device, or Windows device? Are you seeing your device malfunctioning after you must have downloaded or installed a particular file that you didn’t know? well, this perhaps could be the major adverse effect of having a Null file on your device.

The null file can disrupt the working of your devices if you wrongly install or receive them on your device either, phone, Laptop, etc. It is proper for you to know how to open up a Null file whenever you come across one so your device does not start behaving funny.

There are several ways you can open up a null file on your mobile phone and Windows devices. Different software or applications can help you open up any null device when installed on your phone.

For instance, an app like File Magic can help you open different types of files depending on the format you want to open it as. However, there are some file formats that may not be compatible with these apps or programs. Hence, if your null file format is not compatible for any of these programs to open it, then the next alternative you can use is to open it up in binary format.

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It will be right to make a slight mention of what a null file is for those who might be hearing this word for the first time.

What is a Null file

Null files are in a simple term is any file that has the “.null” extension. So if you come across any file that has “.null” as its extension, then that is a null file. Example is “fileName.null”. This is the typical null files look.

When you come across a file that has this type of name, what it simply means is that that file has been used by some third-party window programs for a corrupted data file format.

Whenever programs generate a file with corrupted data, the program may use the .null file extension as a way of flagging that the file cannot be activated or run due to some issue with the file content.

Null files are encrypted files with missing correct extensions. Oftentimes, the owner of the file intentionally changes the file extension so that other people will not be able to use it. But in the real sense, they are not hard to detect and open. All you need to know is just the file format.

Suppose it is a music null file, you could open it up using an mp3 music player but you have to first change the file extension name from .null to .mp3 as the case may be. For instance

Previous Name = “MusicName.null”

New Name = “MusicName.mp3”

And if it is a video null file, then you can simply rename the file extension in .mp4 format and then open it up with any mp4 media player. example

Previous Name= “MovieName.null”

New Name = “MovieName.mp4”

This might however now require you to know the correct extension for these files before you can correctly name them. Below are the most popular file extension formats you can test your file with whenever you run into a null file:

What is a NUll file in Cyber Term?

A null file is a random assortment of binary data containing intentionally created and confidential computer, digital and technological info. The information can include everything from the title of a document to the owner of a website and even different types of personal information in the shape files

Common Null File Extension Formats

  • (.rar, .zip) for Zip files
  • (.rec) for Sound records file
  • (.html, .css) for Html and CSS files
  • (.doc, .txt, .ppx) for PDF files
  • (.jpg, .png) for Images or pictures
  • (.mp4) for Video
  • (.mp3) for Music

Now that you have known some correct file extension formats, it is right for us to now know how to open them on our separate devices.

How to Open Null file on Android & Online

To open a null file on your android phone all you need to know is the correct file extension or rather, you can download a null file universal viewer such as:

  • Pdf files reader
  • Magic master
  • File sharing manager
  • WPS

After downloading, you can now open your null files through anyone of them.

How to Open Null File On Window

To open a null file on your laptop or window device, depending on the file you want to open. To know the exact file format it is, you can view the file property on the window. to do this:

On Window:

  1. GoTo the file
  2. Right-click on it
  3. Scroll to Properties
  4. Then check the file type.


  1.  GoTo the file
  2. Right Click on the file
  3. Click on “More info”
  4. Then look under “Kind” and you will see the file type here.

Generally, to open any null file, the best thing is to simply contact the file owner. It will save you the stress of having to try out different file extensions. The software developer or file owner will provide you with a guide on how to open up the NULL file.

How Open Null files On iPhone

To open a NULL file on your iPhone:

  • Ensure you have the right app to open the NULL file
  • GoTo file manager on your phone
  • Tap on the “Download” folder where all your recently downloaded files are located
  • Tap on the file with the “.null” extension
  • Once you have clicked it open it up with the right app.

Null File Extension CyberSecurity Awareness

Null is a ransomware-type virus discovered by a malware security researcher, Michael Gillespie. Once infiltrated, Null encrypts various files using the AES-256 algorithm.

During encryption, this malware appends filenames with the “.null” extension (for instance, “sample.jpg” is renamed to “sample.jpg.null“). Following successful encryption, Null opens a pop-up window with five tabs that provide detailed information about “What happened”.
The first tab (“What happened to my PC“) informs victims of the encryption and encourages them to purchase a decryption program. The second tab (“Encrypted files“) simply contains a list of compromised files. The third tab (“How do I recover my files?“) explains how to receive the aforementioned decrypter.

The fourth tab (“How do I send bitcoins?“) supposedly explains how to submit payment, however, at the time of research, it did not contain any relevant text. The last, fifth, tab (“What is AES 256?“) provides detailed information regarding the encryption algorithm.
As mentioned above, Null employs AES-256 – an asymmetric encryption algorithm – and thus, a unique key (used to encrypt/decrypt files) is generated for each victim. This key is stored on a remote server controlled by cybercriminals who attempt to sell a decryption tool (with an embedded key) for 2.2 Bitcoins (currently equivalent to ~$10000).

As compared to other similar viruses, the size of this ransom is extremely large (such ransoms usually fluctuate between the equivalent of $500 and $1500 in Bitcoins). Be aware, however, that cybercriminals often ignore victims, once payments are submitted.

These people cannot be trusted. Whether the ransom is $50 or $5000, you should never pay, since there is a high probability that you will be scammed.



NULL files are most time is in itself not harmful, but you might not really be able to use them for the right purpose it was originally created for. Until you change the file extension or you open it up with the right app, the file might remain without purpose on your device. We hope this article has taught you how you can open up your NULL file on android, iPhone, Windows, and online.

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