Everything You Need to Know about the Whatsapp Beta version

Everything you need to know about the Whatsapp Beta version

Whatsapp Inc. has been working tirelessly to provide advanced and amazing features to the satisfaction of its users.

Everything you need to know about the Whatsapp Beta version

Although Whatsapp recently faced a major setback following the issues with privacy policies and fears of identity thefts, with the clarification of things, it is slowly bouncing back to form. This includes pushing into the testing market, the Whatsapp Beta version

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Whatsapp Beta version

With the announcement of the release of the Whatsapp Beta version, Whatsapp gives its users a tip of the iceberg on things to expect in the release. This includes a rollout of a new User Interface(UI), new privacy policies, mute videos feature, and the mention badge feature.

The new Whatsapp Beta version update which has been released on the grounds of testing is an answer to the constant reports of WhatsApp bugs and system glitches.

Three things you should know about the Whatsapp Beta version
The new Whatsapp Beta version is built with the following features.

The mention Badge

Although the mention is a kind of old feature, it seems it doesn’t function effectively across all WhatsApp platforms for web and mobile users.

The Whatsapp Beta version is expected to address and fix all issues regarding the mentioned tags and allow users to mention their friends, contacts, and family members in group chats.

The new mention badge is expected to work for all WhatsApp users.

Sticker Packs

Whatsapp inc. used its new rollout, the Whatsapp Beta version to provide new sticker packs. The new sticker pack, Taters N Tots is an animated sticker pack with multiple expressions.

Mute Video online

The Whatsapp Beta version includes a mute video option that allows you to turn on and off the sound of the video you wish to send out.

With the Whatsapp Beta version, you can mute your videos before sending them out.

What is the latest version of WhatsApp beta?

The latest version of Whatsapp Beta is the Whatsapp Beta version
This is an upgrade from the old Whatsapp beta version

Users are free to download the new WhatsApp beta app here.

What is the beta version of WhatsApp?

The Beta version of WhatsApp is a testing app of WhatsApp. This version of WhatsApp is rolled out for users to have a feel of the app before its official release or launch.

Using the Whatsapp Beta app grants you access to new WhatsApp features before they officially hit the main market.
You can download the Whatsapp beta app here(Insert link into the word) or you can follow these steps.

How can I use Whatsapp Beta?

To use the Whatsapp Beta app, you will visit the google play store and search for “Whatsapp”.

  • Click the app page but do not download the main app or update it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the WhatsApp page, you will see an option inviting you to become a beta tester.
  • Click on the panel and accept the “I’m in” request.
  • With your confirmation to join, you are granted access to become a Whatsapp tester and also an opportunity to use the Whatsapp Beta for free.

Is WhatsApp beta version safe?

Whatsapp Beta version is a product of Whatsapp inc. and has secured the protection of the firm. Just like WhatsApp, or even more, Whatsapp Beta comes with an upgraded security function that keeps users’ data and privacy secured and protected from third-party users and hackers.

How can I change WhatsApp beta to normal?

To return to the normal WhatsApp or return your change your WhatsApp beta account to normal, you need to follow these steps.

  • Visit Google Playstore
  • Scroll to the Whatsapp Beta Page
  • Sign in with your user ID
    Click ‘leave’ and ‘confirm

This sends you back to using the normal WhatsApp.

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