how to buy paypal stock

Can You Buy Stock On PayPal?

PayPal has risen from the bottom to become one of the most convenient and extensively utilized payment methods that are widely used today. Sincerely, it is no surprise that many people prefer it to other traditional ways of payment such as checks and money transfers.

A large number of online brokers do not support PayPal. This makes it difficult to make stock investments using PayPal. Many investors’ have questions like Can You Buy Stocks on PayPal? On their minds. Sit back and relax while we dive into the answer to these questions and how you can make it possible.

Can you Buy stock on Paypal?

how to buy paypal stock

Of course, you can, it has become a widely spread news that you can now buy stocks online from companies like PayPal. Another good news is that you don’t need to be there in person, it is fully online.



Without a broker with connections to the NASDAQ, you won’t be able to invest in PayPal stocks. NASDAQ is the main exchange where it trades.

Below are a few steps you should take to buy PayPal stocks or shares.

What is the Best Way to Buy PayPal Stocks?

Buying stocks with PayPal is more like the same as buying stocks from any other company. We are going to get down to what you need to know and do before you can become a bonafide and certified stockholder of PayPal.

Get yourself a good broker Online.

What makes an internet broker unique is that it has access to so many marketplaces. The NASDAQ does not allow all brokers to acquire PayPal stock, so some brokers won’t let you buy their stock. To use this exchange, you’ll need a broker.

Making sure you find a broker that is a good fit for you is very paramount, this is mainly because some brokers will ask you to pay an excessive amount of money just to buy stocks a few times. Others will start an account for you without collecting a dime. The trading platform, broker fees, available markets to trade on, and the ease of opening an account are all important considerations when selecting a broker. It’s also crucial to keep everyone safe.

Create a Brokerage Account

The search is over and you have successfully chosen one internet broker, the next step is to open an account with the broker. This process is a lot like a traditional bank account, and opening one is usually done entirely online. A background check can take a few days at some brokers while obtaining a new Gmail account is instantaneous at others. But you won’t store money on it; instead, you’ll keep your PayPal stocks in it, so you’ll need this to buy and store your PayPal stocks.

Consider all of your financing Alternatives.

Make sure that PayPal stocks are a good fit for your investment portfolio before making a final decision. To do this, you have to put into consideration some factors like;

  1. How will you keep an eye on the stock’s price movements?
  2. How much do you understand the financial condition attached to this?
  3. Are you on board with PayPal not paying dividends?
  4. What is your financial budget for this?

Knowing the price history of PayPal stock is not enough, getting a hold and understanding of your financial situation is also equally important. There is a good chance that you may have to wait months or perhaps years before you can cash out because buying high sector stocks that cost a lot takes time to generate proceedings.

Make a thorough plan before buying or selling stocks, and choose the time that is best suitable before you embark on this journey.

Put funds in Your Account

Of course, everyone knows that buying stocks and investment costs money. Any amount you intend to invest in PayPal stocks must be sent to the broker. To get this done fast and simply, open a brokerage account.

The common ways you can deposit money in a broker’s account are through bank transfers, or by making use of credit/debit cards. To fund your investing account at some brokers, you can use any of a variety of electronic wallets, such as PayPal

Purchase the PayPal Stocks

You’ve got the account, the money, and the stock price goal in place. The final step is to click the Buy Now icon. In your online brokerage, you log in, search for PayPal shares, enter the number of shares you want to buy, and then click buy, which will begin the process of purchasing shares for you (in trading lingo: execute the buy order).

You can select from a variety of order kinds when placing your order, so that’s a hint. There are two types of orders: market orders and limit orders.

Monitor your investment

After you buy PayPal stock, you’re not done. Now is the time to place close eyes on your finances. Investing by your plan is what this essentially means. If you purchased PayPal stock to own it for a longer period, attending the annual meetings will help you gather all of the company’s news and information.

In this case, you may want to use an alternative position management tool. E.g. If you want to sell the stock for a profit, you can use a target price; if you want to avoid further losses, you can use a stop-loss.


Getting stocks on PayPal has been next to impossible for quite a while. And this is due to some rules and regulations. Most stockbrokers haven’t been offering sticks via PayPal and this has let many down but because of the change PayPal has made in recent times, the question Can You Buy Stock on PayPal has been answered above.

You know what it means, and how you can go about it. Always keep in mind that this is an investment that requires money, so make your decisions wisely to avoid loss. Beginning this investment journey shouldn’t be a hassle if you have an existing PayPal account or you create one.

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