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Here, you will know how online scammers generate fake Western Union Money transfer receipts to scam people who don’t know how to distinguish payment summaries from the original.

Have you ever been scammed online by someone via an online earning program that makes false promises with the claim of making a huge amount of money with little or no investment that will double or 10x your capital? Funny right? I can estimate that 65% of online business owners have in one way or the other fallen victim to these fake promises from people like this. Do you know why this trick will always catch people? Fake proof.

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How Does a Fake Western Receipt Work?

The best way to create a realistic fake western union receipt is to use the official template used by Western Union. This will ensure that your document looks as close to the real thing as possible. You can find the official template here. If you want to fill out the form manually in Microsoft Word or another word processing program, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open up a new blank document and choose “landscape” orientation.

Step 2: Go to File and click “Save as.” Save the document as an RTF file. The RTF extension stands for Rich Text Format, which is a type of plain text file that has formatting options available.

Step 3: Under “Save as type,” choose “Western Union Payment Slip.” The “Save in” option should be left at its default location.

Step 4: Click on “Format,” then select “Font.” Set the font size to 11 pt. This will help make the numbers on your fake payment slip look more authentic. You can also change the font style to bold or italics if you want, but make sure that it’s not too thin or fancy looking, or it will stand out in comparison to the look of real Western Union receipts.

Step 5: Adjust any other formatting settings that you


How Do Scammers Create a Fake or Generate Western Union Screenshot?

Mobile applications are popularly acknowledged for making matters easy. In this digital age and era, we have programs for the entirety.

Whether you name it advantages or curses but the fact is we have packages for everything. If you search on Google, you could locate each proper and awful app. Billdu, Quick Receipt, and Cash Receipt are several high-quality examples of such horrific apps.

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3 Best Fake Western Union Receipt Maker

Here is a short advent to some of these three apps: best fake western union receipt generator.

Below is a list of names of apps you can use to generate fake western union receipts most commonly used:

1. Billdu App

Cybercriminals prefer to use the Billdu app because it lets the customers create excellent fake western union payment screenshots.

One can without problems design a screenshot with the western union emblem, date, time, and amount.

It comes with a 30-day loose trial function. One simply desires to download an app and set up an account on Billdu.

Apart from western union, you can create fake price screenshots +1(855) 233 1940 of such a lot of different payment apps.

2. Quick Receipt

The next popular fake western union screenshot generator +1(855) 233 1940 is Quick Receipt. If you do not want to compromise with color, shape, and size then Quick Receipt must be your first preference.

It is simple, secure, and convenient to use. Quick Receipt comes with top-class advantages as nicely.

3. Cash Receipt

Cash Receipt is a desire of those who do not have plenty of understanding photo introduction.

You can think about the Cash Receipt as a one-forestall destination for all styles of screenshots introduction.

The fine art of the Cash Receipt is that it no longer best facilitates customers to create a fake western union charge screenshot of $100 or extra but additionally shall we the users proportion it with different humans?

Below is a Helpful Video Guide on How to Generate/Create/Edit a Fake Western Union Payment Screenshot.




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How to Know if The Western Union Payment Screenshot is Photo-Shopped?

  • It is feasible to contrast how splendid the picture is and other valid screen capture pictures you own.
  • Whenever you search for shadows and afterward contrast them and the picture, you can decide if they are certified or counterfeit.
  • Investigate the picture and notice any reflections you are sure unimaginable in a genuine picture.
  • Check to not ensure anything looks phony.
  • Guarantee the specific date the exchanges occurred and afterward match it to the date on the screen capture picture.
  • Check the shades of the foundations cautiously. Assuming you see whatever seems, by all accounts, to be phony, don’t proceed.
  • It is fundamental to be cautious as fraudsters are utilizing various sites to make false installments to take your well-deserved cash as well as your subtleties.



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Customizing a Western Union receipt or any other receipt is very simple and people use this for different purposes. However, to easily know if your western union receipt is real or not won’t be very difficult if you follow the above process. Hurry now and try it out. you might not be able to generate the correct fake invoice at the first trial if you do not know a bit of coding or HTML. But over time, with consistent practice, you will get it right.

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