Load Cash to Cash App at ATM

How to Add Money to Cash App at ATM, Cash App ATM Deposit Steps

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Are you looking to deposit money into your cash app account with your cash app debit card via the ATM? if this is your question, you are on the right page where you will get your answer. This article will cover all you need to know about the different ways how you can put money on a Cash App card as well as how you can deposit money on a Cash App account at an ATM.

To give you a short and precise answer to this question, see below.

Can I Add Money to Cash App at ATM?

Load Cash to Cash App at ATM

Unfortunately, you cannot. Cash App has not enabled this feature to directly deposit money into the cash App at ATM via your Cash app card. However, you can put money into your Cash App at numerous retailers such as Walmart through the use of the customer service desk or the Money Centers. We hope that Cash App will allow this feature in the nearest days or years to come.

Just as most other digital banks like Revolut, Fidor, Simple, N26, and Monzo do not have many functionalities at the ATM, Cash App is not any different. So there is no way you can perform this activity rather than just using the alternative method that will be listed in the later part of this post.

Now that you know it is not possible to deposit money into a cash app via the ATM, we need to talk about alternative solutions to solve this problem. Are there other means of putting money into the case App and Cash Card outside of the ATM?

To discover more on how to get how to add money to Cash App at ATM, continue reading this post to know more interesting things about the topic.

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Below are the four most prominent solutions for anyone to load money with a cash card at the ATM.
  • Cash transfer from a linked bank account
  • By Cash Deposit into a linked Bank Account at an ATM, and transferring the money to Cash Card
  • By Loading the Cash at any selected retail stores
  • Cash transfer from a linked bank Account. 

More about these will be talked about as you read on.

Best Alternative Ways to Put Funds in Cash App Account

There are two broad ways you can use to deposit funds into a Cash App account, and these includes (1) Depositing via the ATM and (2) Cash App in-store deposit.

It is also very important for you to know that even though some ATMs allow you to do Cash deposits, these kinds of ATMs are not easy to locate, there are just a few numbers of ATM outlets that allow this operation. So you must go through the stress of searching very well before you can come across any of these ATMs.

However, the most straightforward way of adding money to a Cash App, as well as the one which does not require you to go through the stress of moving an inch from your comfort zone, is by adding money to your Bank balance, by this you can simply move or load the money seamlessly into your Cash App.

Before we go deeper into how you can add money to your Cash App at the ATM, let us list all the things you would need to make a successful Cash to Cash App via ATM deposit.

Important Requirements for Cash App ATM Deposit

There are three(3) things you would need in other to make a Cash App ATM deposit. They are as follows:

  • The Physical Cash
  • Your Card’s secret PIN code
  • A valid Debit Card linked to the Cash App account.

To Add Cash to Cash App

  1. Tap the “Banking tab” in your Cash App
  2. Tap “Add Cash”
  3. Select a valid amount
  4. Click on “Add”
  5. Input your PIN
  6. Confirm the PIN again.

To add funds to your Cash App and Card, you have to first link your bank account already to it. If you have not done that, here is how to set it up.

How to Add Bank to your Cash App

  1. Tapping the Profile Icon in your Cash App
  2. Choose Linked Banks
  3. Tap Link Bank
  4. Follow the prompts

Suppose you have a linked bank account already but want to modify the account details of the linked account, you can do so by following the instruction below:

How to Modify a Linked Bank Account

  1. Tapp the Profile Icon in the Cash App
  2. Choose “Linked Banks”
  3. Select the bank account to replace or remove
  4. Tap on Remove Bank or Replace Bank
  5. Follow the prompts.

Now let us talk about how you can add money to your Cash App at the ATM

How to Load Money on Cash App at ATM

Kindly know that this is a trick, remember I told you it is not possible to put money directly into a Cash App Card or account via the ATM, that-we already know.

Secondly, I also told you that not all ATMs allows Cash deposit, so you might be required to visit an ATM outlet that will enable you to deposit physical cash.

Follow the steps below to add funds to the cash app account at the ATM:

  1. Locate an ATM outlet near you
  2. Insert your debit Card (ATM card or Cash Card)
  3. Enter your four-digit PIN
  4. Click on “Deposit” from the provided options on the screen.
  5. Choose the Account into which you want the money to get debited [Savings, Current]
  6. Input the Amount you want to deposit
  7. Slot in the Cash into the ATM
  8. Confirm the deposit
  9. Answer the On-screen questions appropriately and exit the screen.
  10. Fund will be deposited into your Cash App linked account immediately if there is not a network issue.
  11. Print receipt.

Alternatively, suppose you did not find an ATM outlet that allows money deposits. In that case, you can simply visit a bank and deposit paper money into your bank account, then transfer the money via the app between your account and the cash app account.

How to Deposit Cash to Cash App and Card

Although Cash App does not allow you to perform cash deposits at all ATMs, you can bypass this limitation by depositing it at the nearest available retailers.

Here are the most popular available retailers that support Cash deposits:

  • GoMart
  • H-E-B
  • StopNGo
  • KwikTrip
  • Family Dollar
  • Sheetz
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar General
  • 7-Eleven
  • Speedway
  • Walmart (Customer Service Desk/ Money Centers).

It is important to also know some of the nearest retailers or outlets that allow you to do ATM deposits to the Cash App.

Below is a four-step guide on how to find the nearest available Cash deposit outlets:

  • Open the Cash App on your device
  • Locate the banking tab and click on “Select”
  • Click on “Paper Money”
  • Use the search bar to now search by entering the address or finding a location near you via GPS.

Now that you know how to deposit Cash to Cash App at ATM, you need to know that there are limitations to the number of funds you can load or deposit into your Cash App account per time.

How Much I Can Deposit – Cash Deposit Limit

Below are what you need to know with Paper money deposit at the ATM or the bank:

You are only allowed to deposit:

  1. Up to $1000/week
  2. $4000/month
  3. The transaction must be a min of $5 and shouldn’t be more than $500 per deposit.

When you get to the retail store, simply let them know you wish to add funds to your Cash App via a serial number otherwise known as a barcode. If they do not understand, you can simply show them the instructions on how to go about it by tapping the “?” on your map.

When the code has been successfully scanned,  the money and the fund will be automatically transferred into your Cash App balance. You can do well to keep a copy of the receipt to yourself should in case there might be a need for it in the future.

I believe we have done justice to how you can deposit cash to Cash App now.

Some people might also want to know how to deposit checks. Yes, it is very possible to also deposit Checks to Cash App just the way you can load your Cash.

The next few lines of subheadings will tell you more about how you can successfully deposit checks to Cash App.

Steps to Deposit Checks on Cash App

To deposit Check Via Cash App, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Cash App on your device
  2. Tap on the Balance icon on the App
  3. Navigate down and tap on the “Deposit a Check” option
  4. Input the amount you want to deposit
  5. Take a snap of the Check with your phone’s camera. (front and back view)
  6. Confirm to see that the submission is successful and ensure to keep the hardcopy of the check safe, should in case it will be needed later.

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Frequently Asked Question.

Below are answers to the frequently asked question on how to deposit money to Cash App and Cash Card at ATM.

How much does it cost to add funds to Cash App at ATM?

Loading money to your Cash App at the ATM cost you nothing. There is no extra charge if you want to deposit money at the ATM to the cash app account if you use the ATM where cash deposit is allowed. However, if you use the retailer’s option, you might have to pay a small service fee to the owner of the shop. And this fee depends on the shop owner’s rate.

How Long Does it Take to Deposit Money to Cash App at ATM?

Depositing Cash to Cash App at the ATM does not take much time because it is a real-time service.

Once your deposit is confirmed, it takes an average of 2-5 seconds for your Cash App account to get credited and the money will reflect in your balance almost immediately.

Can I Load My Cash App Card At Dollar General?

Yes, you can load Cash App Card from the dollar general store. dollar general store is a franchise in the USA and it is a fund transferring exchange company. Dollar general allows you to load money to your cash app in two ways. (1) Online (2) Store.

Can I Withdraw From Cashapp at ATM

Yes, You can. Cash App present you with the ability to withdraw fund via the Cash Card at any ATM. This is made possible with the help of the Cash Card. The Cash Card is a Debit Card, that allows you to withdraw from any ATM or POS.

How to get a Cash Card

Getting a Cash Card is very easy. All you need to do is just to download a cash card from the google play store, then activate card banking. You can then link your cash app card to the account using the Cash App ID, after which you will now request a physical cash card which should take not more than a few working days to get delivered to you.

What ATMs can I use for Cash App?

Cash withdrawal with a cash card works with almost all ATMs. Since our cash card is a debit card, you can use it to withdraw money from any ATM or POS. However, there are only a few ATMs that allow you to deposit physical cash.

How do I add money to my Cash App without a bank account?

You can add money to your cash app account even if you do not have a bank account. I have a well-written post on how you can do this, read my post on how to use Use Cash App Card at ATM to know more.

Is there a free ATM for Cash App?

No, there are no ATMs that allow you to send or withdraw money for free. most ATMs will charge you at least $2 for any money you want to deposit or withdraw.



Depositing funds to your Cash App and Cash Card via ATM is something not hard to do. However, if you do not know your way around it, you might not be able to do it. The best way to load money to your Cash App account via the ATM is by using a nearby retailer. This will save you a lot of stress. You could also use the Check option if you can go through the stress yourself.

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