PayPal Pay in 4 not showing up

PayPal Pay In 4 Not Showing Up 2021,2022- Ultimate Guide To Fix The Error

Are you looking to PayPal pay in 4 is not showing up on the app for you? if this is your question, you are on the right page where you will get your answer. This article will cover all you need to know about the major reason why PayPal pay in 4 is not showing up or working, what it means and how to solve this error when you come across it in your subsequent use.

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Why is Paypal Pay in 4 Not Showing Up?

PayPal Pay in 4 not showing up

There are basically two(2) major reasons why PayPal pay in 4 isn’t showing up on your Paypal account. The first reason is that Paypal may have already done an “internal check” on your account and found out that you do not meet up with the requirements expected of you. Secondly, PayPal in 4 is not yet available in your country.

Recently, PayPal introduced a new service called “Pay in 4″ This service let you “Split ay” that is, you can make an online purchase between the range of $30 and $1500 and pay for it in four installments for two weeks or twice in one week.

To discover more on how to get how to add money to Cash App at ATM, continue reading this post to know more interesting things about the topic.

According to PayPal, “Pay in 4” will not in any way affect your credit card score and the good thing about it is that there will be 0% interest accumulated on each bi-weekly payment.

However, the bad side of it is that it is not currently available for everyone and every country. But if you are lucky to be among those for whom it is available, do make the mistake of canceling your order, else, the payment option of “Pay in 4” will be disabled immediately from your account. This is one of the very easy mistakes that many pays in 4 users are making that is getting them into different problems with PayPal.

And unfortunately for them, Covid 19 is affecting PayPal customer care support. So even if you have any issue with the PayPal pay in 4, you might find it a bit difficult to get your complaint across to the online support, or even their phone number.

Here are the common complaints that many users have run into, I am certain that if you are reading this post, you will surely fall into one of the categories.

I was able to use the Pay in 4 for the first time without any issue, but when I tried it again I got a generic error and now it is no longer under the “PAY LATER”…

I tried calling the customer care and I was able to successfully submit a ticket for the issue. Just want to know if I am the only one experiencing this or it is a general issue.

I tried going to a site and the PayPal Pay in 4 was available but when i went to another site, I didnt see the PayPal Pay in 4 option as part of their Payment option. Please what should I do.

I tried using Paypal pay in 4 and I checked the “Apply” button when I was selecting my orders, and just by clicking this, I got charged the three times I clicked it. I also asked other users, and they told me that they also go this similar issue too. Please what should I do?  Because paypal is also blaming our merchant when I logged a complaint to them.

I have been using pay in 4 for  a while now, but I use it today and I got a message “this transaction is connected to suspicious activity” and since then, I have been unable to use pay in 4. I contacted the customer care and they said that they were unable to see any limit from their end, and yet it is not working from my own end. What should I do please?

I have been using Pay in 4 for a while now, And recently I am unable to see it listed on my payment option again. I have tried contacting the call care, and the only things they kept on telling was that  “Not all, merchants use this do, that’s why it is not showing up” But in real sense this is what I have been using before now. What should I do please?

I was able to like an hour ago see my pay in 4 plans and now on the website says unavailable right now and on app says there’s was a problem try again later.


There are other countless number of related questions like these that people also ask, But we have restricted our post to these little which I believe that your complaint should fall among one them.

Now let us talk about the reason why pay in 4 might not be showing up on Paypal.

Here is Why PayPal Pay In 4 Is Not Showing Up in 2022

PayPal Pay in 4 not working

Technically, there are very two unique major reasons why PayPal Pay in 4 is likely not to show on your PayPal account. The first is failure to meet up with PayPal’s requirements. Second is PayPal is not available in your State/region. After these two major reasons. Any other reasons are just a derivative of them.

Continue reading this post to know more about why PayPal Pay in 4 is not working to discover more on how to solve the issue.

Why Pay in 4 is Not Working or Showing Up as a Payment Option: 

  1. You are not a US Citizen: Currently, it can be said that this buy now pay later payment option is just in its beta version, hence it is only made available to US citizens. So if you aren’t from any region in the United State, then you cannot get access to PayPal Pay in 4.
  2. You are Below 18 Years: For those who are in the United state that are unable to use the pay in4,  another season why this might be so is your age. If you are below the age of 18, irrespective of the fact that you are in the US, the PayPal pay in 4 will not work for you.
  3. Your Purchase is Above the Required Maximum: PayPal has set the maximum and minimum amount of what you can purchase with the new payment scheme to $30 – $1,500. Any purchase made below or above this range will not be accepted. So, you need to ensure that you make an order that does not go below $30 and will not go above $1,500
  4. Your Merchant Doesn’t Support it: This is one generic error that most of the pay in 4 users always run into. Even if you contact support, there is nothing they can do about this. If your merchant does not support the pay in 4 payment option, then you have no option but to switch to the merchant.
  5. Your account has Restriction: Often time, an account that has a limit or restriction will not support the pay in 4 option. Probably because you have not verified your Paypal account, you have a poor Paypal payment history, or you have not finished paying the previous pay in 4 you made in our last purchase. If you default in any of these, then the pay in 4 2cannot show for you.
  6. You are Using the Wrong Card: Kindly know that the buy now pays later payment option does not support: Capital One, American Express, and JP Morgan Chase, Capital One and American Express credit cards, and Chase Pay. So if you are using any of these cards, you can not use pay in 4.
  7. Cancellation Of Order: One common reason why the pay in 4 will not show to you is if you have canceled an order or you tried to reorder an item you have ordered before. The pay in 4 option will automatically disappear for you. This is one of the commest mistakes that Paypal pay in 4 users make.

Now let us talk about those who accept PayPal pay in 4 as a payment option. These are the places where pay in 4 can be used to buy items to pay for items bought.

Who Accepts PayPal Pay in 4.

Currently, the Paypal pay in 4 services is only accessible and available for the USA and Australian citizens only. If you are not from the united state of America, this offer can not be available to you. PayPal users from other countries or regions are not eligible for this offer and it might not work for you.

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Where does PayPal Pay in 4 Work?

The PayPal pay in 4 works only for the USA or Austria citizens to make transactions on Amazon, eBay, and any bank debit cards.

PayPal Pay in 4 not Approved, Not Working, Not showing Up or Denied? Here is What to do.

If you are experiencing a denial in the “PayPal pay in 4” services and you are a citizen of the USA or Australia. Then there are the likely reasons why this might be so:

  1. Your PayPal account has restrictions
  2. Your Merchant/Payment gateway does not accept it
  3. You are not recognized as a citizen of the USA or Austria
  4. You are below 18 years of age
  5. You are currently using the service on a website that does not accept the “buy Now, pay later” system of payment
  6. You did not purchase within the “PayPal pay in 4″ limit of $30-$1500
  7. You might have mistakenly canceled the order before.

Now that you know where you can use the Paypal pay later option, It is important for you to know exactly how to use it.

How to Use Pay in 4

Follow these steps to use the PayPal pay in 4

  1. Shop for you item at your desired marketplace
  2. Choose “Paypal pay” as your payment method
  3. Click the “Pay in 4” option
  4. Make payment and checkout
  5. Ensure to pay up the subsequent 3 installments withing the  duration of 2 weeks

Is PayPal pay in 4 Available in My Country?

Currently, Pay in 4 is not available in Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and U.S. territories. So if you like in any of these countries mentioned above, then you have to hope for when PayPal expands its network

How Can I Get Approved for “PayPal Pay in 4”?

If you want to get approved for the “Paypal pay in 4″ service as a citizen of the USA or Australia or you are from another country or region, then simply ensure to meet the requirements that we have listed above. With all that checked, the “Paypal pay in 4″ will be available and will start working for you.

Is There a Limit To “PayPal Pay in 4″?

Yes, there is a limit to this service. The “PayPal pay in 4” limits the amount of purchase you can make to $30 – $1500. Any purchase made below or above this will not be approved.

What is The Customer Care Line of “PayPal Pay in 4”?

You can get across to the “Paypal pay in 4” customer care specialist through this line


How Can I Report A Complaint to “PayPal Pay in 4”?

You can send your complaint to [email protected]

Or contact the support line via:

1800 073 263 (within Australia) or +61 2 8223 9500.

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PayPal is a newly developed model y PayPal and it follows through with the buy now pay later method of payment. It allows you to buy and make your payment in 4 installments.

Unfortunately, this has not been made available for everyone, If PayPal has not made this option available for you, then it might mean that they have scanned your account and noticed that you did not meet the requirement we have earlier mentioned in this post. More importantly, it will not be available to you if you are not up to 18 and you are not a US citizen.


Below is a video on the “Paypal pay in 4 not showing up” works.

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