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Whenever and wherever you open a new tab on your Google Chrome browser, the first thing you see is the “Search Google or type a URL” by default as the placeholder text message inside the search box or address bar otherwise known as the “Omnibox“. These two options however suggest that you have been with only two options of using the chrome browser to search for whatever you want.

To search via “Search Google” which means, typing the keyword directly on the search bar, or “type a URL” which requires you to simply paste the address of your desired landing page or website inside the Omnibus and press enter to take you there.

Search Google or Type a URL Meme

“Search Google or type a URL” is a Google feature in Chrome’s Canary Update. Chrome Canary is the leading version of the Chrome browser which was released in 2013. And it was originally meant to test for ideas.

One of the big ideas in the Chrome Canary 36 version is to bury the full URL in the top-level domain name such that even when navigating within the site, only the site name is displayed.

The search Google option is so advanced that it helps you with words suggestions such that, even when you don’t have the full idea of what you want to type, you can just type the first word of the sentence and Google will present you with numbers of ideas to pick from. This is otherwise known as “Google search auto-fill“. This helps you to auto-fill different search queries based on what people have searched for, relating to the first word you typed yourself.

So whenever you are bored and you are out of the idea of what to type, just pump into the Google Canary tool and explore the fantasy. You really can’t be bored with searching Google by your side.

URL parameters are shown in the program’s location bar after the site address. They all begin with a question mark and can be associated in various distinctive manners.

Furthermore, if you use the Search Google or Type a URL to find a website, the site may not appear on the search results page if the search engine has not yet indexed it.

Type the URL address of a website into the address bar if you know it. The prefixes HTTP:// and WWW. are optional. A few sites even utilize short, lightweight URLs that divert to the principle URL, making it workable for customers to access without composing the whole address. You can type instead of in your browser address bar, for example

Okay Now: You might want to ask yourself this question, Should you rather Should You Search Google or Type a URL?

Well, let’s dwell a bit on the two options for you to know which one you should go for.

Should You Search Google or Type a URL?

Now, instead of seeing the “Search Google or Type a URL” as the usual default placeholder text anytime you open a new tab on your chrome browser, you might see something like “Type Web Address”, but both are actually the same things. The major and most important thing is that you were able to get to the destination you want via whatever you input into the address bar or search bar as some people may want to call it.

There are tons of ways to get information and data online from millions of websites online. But the most amazing thing is that you must pass through either of these two routes to access anything you want to get – “Search Google or Type a URL”. This is the most popular and most used means of getting information from the web. However, you might what to know which one to actually choose in terms of how best they perform. Just keep in mind that, whichever one you choose, you will surely get the answer you want from the webmaster.

I Guess You Should Try this Experiment To Understand More:

Test 1

  • Think about any topic of your choice:
  • Open a new tab on your chrome browser
  • Type in your keyword and then hit the search bar

Test 2:

  • Open a new tab in your browser
  • Type the keyword you want to search for with the word “Allintitle:” before it.
  • something like “Allintitle:What is Google Search

You would notice that all the websites with this keyword you searched for in its title will pop up on Google’s page.

If you compare these two results, you would notice that the first one will give you a result of “About 3,970,000,000 results (0.81 seconds)  while the second test will give you a result of just About 307,000 results (1.10 seconds).

These tests are however helpful, especially for those who do keyword research and want to know the website that is specifically using the keyword they are looking for in their post title.

You can also use this to know the specific URLs that are using the exact keyword you want to search for.

Check Out These Amazing Search Google or Type a URL Meme

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It is entirely up to you to determine what you require; for example, if you require questions and answers that are only available on a single website. You make the decision. To go where you want to go, type a URL. If you don’t know where to look, you can type your question into the search field. It’s simpler to discover answers to your inquiries if you type your query or immediately visit a certain website by typing a URL in the search bar.

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