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List of Stores That Accept Paypal QR Code

There are not many stores in the United State of America that accepts PayPal QR code as their method of accepting payment from customers for good purchased or service rendered. But certainly, some do.

PayPal is known as the most popular way of sending and receiving payments online. It offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards, direct debit from bank accounts, buyer credit, and even mobile payments. One of the latest PayPal technology now is the QR code.

QR code which is otherwise known as Quick Response is a barcode on steroids that allows you to accept payment from your customers just by them scanning your unique code.

The use of the PayPal QR code became more popular during the covid 19 period when social distancing had to be implemented and people needed an alternative way to pay without having to get in physical contact with anybody at the counter or payment point.

There are however many people asking where they can actually scan to pay for whatever they buy i.e, a store that accepts PayPal QR as a mode of payment. We are going to simply list for you the list of places where you can pay with PayPal in-store. But before then, let’s talk about how to use the three available PayPal payment options.

How to Pay with PayPal in Store

If you have some amount in your PayPal account and you want to spend it to buy something at the local store near you, then you have three options: 1. Via PayPal Issued Card, 2. NFC- based payment using your Android phone and thirdly, PayPal’s scan to pay QR code.

Kindly know that PayPal does not accept the “two-in-store payment option” which are the “Payment codes” and “Mobile + Pin Method”. This was discontinued as far back as March 31, 2018.

How to Use PayPal Balaance & Card to Make Payment

Yes, paypal offer you with the option to use their own Mastercard to make payments online. As a customer, there is a prepaid card that allows you to load and reload your PayPal wallet balance. Whichever card you are using depending on what you use it for. They are linked to your PayPal balance and they allow you to withdraw cash directly from the ATM without any charge from PayPal.

NOTE: Non- MoneyPass ATMs will still charge a fee.

If you have any of these PayPal supported cards (PayPal Cash Card, PayPal Business Debit Mastercard, PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, PayPal Credit Cards), then you can simply walk up to any of the supported stores closer to you and with your PayPal smartphone app to add cash to your balance. However, a service charge of $3.95 will be deducted from your PayPal balance when you use any of these cards.

How to Set-Up PayPal NFC for PayPal Pay in Store

Unfortunatly, PayPal does not support NFC payment direct from the app for now. But there is an agreement between PayPal and Google that allows Android phone users to connect their PayPal to their Google Pay accounts well as the option to make it their default payment option for any online transaction.

To Set Up

  1. Open your Google Pay App and select “Payment Method”
  2. Click on “Add Payment Method”
  3. Choose “PayPal” as our preferred option from the options given.
  4. Enter your PayPal information including your Email address.

How to Add PayPal to Apple Pay

Unfortunately, PayPal does not support NFC payment with Apple devices at the moment. Also, you cannot link your PayPal balance to your Apple Pay or Apple Pay Cash. However, there are efforts to make this possible. But for now, there is no option that allows Apple or iOS device users to do that.

So what should I do as an Apple or iOS User to use PayPal? 

Yes, all hope is not lost. Apple allows your to link your PayPal balance to your iOS account. This will automatically allow you to pay for iTunes purchases as well as iCloud and pay for any other Apple subscriptions without stress.

To Use PayPal Scan to Pay (QR Code) in Store

I have written a detailed step-by-step guide on how to find a PayPal QR code, how to create a PayPal QR code, and how to make PayPal with your unique QR code. so I will advise you to visit  the post link below to learn more about that: How to Find/Create Paypal QR Codes

But you would want to know if you can also use PayPal Credit in Store

No. PayPal currently does not support using PayPal credit in stores. PayPal credit is specifically for online purchases and offers 6 months of interest-free financing on purchases. It is different on its own and is separate from PayPal Credit cards.

Similarly, PayPal “Pay in 4” is only available for online payments. You cannot use it in physical stores to make payments.

Places that Allows PayPal “Pay-in-Store”

There are some specific Stores Methandienone cycles That allow you take use PayPal to pay for your purchase. Majorly, any of the stores that take one or any of the 3 PayPal-supported methods (PayPal cards, PayPal NFC payments, or PayPal QR codes) will surely allow you to pay with PayPal.

For the PayPal cards, any store that will accept this must surely have the ability to take MasterCard.

For NFC payment, any store that will accept this must surely have the ability accept the NFC credit card reader at their payment point.

Sadly, there are just very few stores that allow you to use the last option to pay in-store. i.e PayPal QR Code. Nonetheless, there are still some stores that allow you to pay in-store too.

Online Stores that Allows PayPal QR Codes/ Accept PayPal

Either you are in the USA or any other country. Inasmuch as the store you want to purchase from support the third PayPal payment option (CR Code), then you should be able to pay with their unique QR Code.

However, here are the online stores that allow you to pay with PayPal:

70+ Online Stores That Allows PayPal Payment

  1. Uber
  2. Walmart
  3. Best Buy
  4. Microsoft
  5. YouTube TV
  6. Namecheap
  7. Hostinger
  8. Binance
  9. Coinbase
  10. Steam
  11. Ikea
  12. eBay
  13. Dell
  14. Lowe’s
  15. Expedia
  16. Gamestop
  17. LitExtension
  18. LitCommerce
  19. HP
  20. Brookstone
  21. Lenovo
  22. Play Asia
  23. Xiaomi
  24. PlayStation
  25. Xbox
  26. Pandora
  27. Jimmy Choo
  29. Kate Spade
  30. Kipling
  31. JTV
  32. Signet Jewelers
  33. Blue Nile
  34. Reef
  35. UGG
  36. Zappos
  37. Hermes
  38. Apple
  39. Aeropostale
  40. Calvin Klein
  41. Kenneth Cole
  42. Carter’s
  43. ASOS
  44. Express
  45. KarmaLoop
  46. Alternative
  47. FraganceX
  48. Bath and Body Works
  49. Innisfree
  50. Kylie Cosmetics
  51. Shu Uemura
  52. La Roche-Posay
  53. Glossier
  54. Origins
  55. Kiehl’s
  56. Morphe
  57. Paula’s Choice
  58. Clinique
  59. Zara
  60. Hollister
  61. Milanoo
  62. Nautica
  63. Victoria’s Secret
  64. True Religion
  65. Forever21
  66. UNIQLO
  67. H&M
  68. Celine
  69. Valentino
  70. Shopify
  71. BigCommerce
  72. Wix
  73. Oracle

30+ List of Stores That Accept PayPal QR Code (In-Store Payment)

  1. Gucci
  2. Urban Outfitters
  3. Macy’s
  4. SHEIN
  5. Boohoo
  7. H&M
  8. America Eagle
  9. Coach Outlet
  10. Puma
  11. Apple
  12. Akko
  13. Samsung
  14. HP
  15. Canon
  16. Bose
  17. eBay
  18. Microsoft
  19. Crutchfield
  20. DELL
  21. Lenovo
  22. Sephora
  23. Walgreens
  24. SkinStore
  25. GNC Live Well
  26. Nutri System
  27. Sally Beauty
  28. Bath & Body Works
  29. Fenty Beauty
  30. Tarte Cosmetics
  31. The Body Shop
  32. Ulta Beauty
  33. Home Depot
  34. Walmart
  35. Target
  36. BestBuy
  37. Costco
  38. Wayfair

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