Cool DIY Tech Projects 2022

Sometimes, you might wish to get creative with your hands, rambling through your brain to put together some list of ‘how tos’ that will come out great. In a time like this, Do It Yourself, or as some may call it, DIYs are a great idea to engage in to keep your brain and your hands busy and active.

The beauty about putting together these DIY tech projects is that you don’t need to be Tech-savvy, a geek, or a Tech guru to come up with something creative. Both beginner, adult and middle age have the full ability to perform all these DIY tech projects. All you need are some cool tech project ideas to start up with. You might have to spend more time at home, taking out time to engage in, some DIYs like Image Hosting Service, DIY Amazon Echo, Add Wi-Fi to Your Mirrorless, Gamer Night Lights, DIY Streaming Dash Cam, Building a DIY Computer, DIY Functional Arcade Cabinet, DIY Spray Can Lighting, DIY PCB Jewelry, Circuit Board Keychain, etc these are the lists of cool DIY tech projects to do in 2022.

We have come up with a detailed list of the top DIY tech projects for 2022 that you can try out. These Do it Yourself tech projects include easy Technology projects, fun tech projects, Cool electronic projects to build, cheap DIY tech projects, tech projects for beginners, and lots more.

Here Are Coolest DIY Tech Projects in 2022DIY Tech Project for Beginners


1. DIY Hosting Project

in the just concluded year, Facebook and Google photo are some of the most popular platforms where most people host their photos. But the fact that you have to be at the mercy of a hosting company with their hell of a privacy policy and unbearable terms and conditions might actually not give you full legal access and control of your files spotify plays. Now,  Instead of putting yourself under this type of pressing condition, why not roll your hosting service using tools such as JAIbum and the Gallery Project?

To organize and control your own galleries, it is most advisable to auto-sync with any tools or apps of your choice. The next step is for you to locally manage your files while keeping a backup off-sight.

2. Amazon Echo DIY Project

Although it is more expensive, you will surely learn quite a lot about how Echo works by creating an Amazon Echo using Raspberry Pi. You might not even learn how the raspberry works alone, you may also learn to unlock its full potentials.

To fully enjoy this project at full capacity, you will need a microphone, an Ethernet cable, a Line-in -speaker, Raspberry pi 2 or 3, a Wi-fi dongle, and a USB power supply. If you have some old gadgets at home, you can get most if not all these components there.

3. Gamer lightning DIY Project

Have you ever thought of changing the ambiance of your gaming room with variations of LED night light? This can be done by decorating each side of a cube with gamer-theme images representing the character in each game. These decorated lights bring the experience of these games into reality.

These kinds of gaming enthusiasm offer the gamer a chance to pay tribute to their favorite gaming character and allow them to infuse a playful sentiment into their room. Imagine being a fan of the football lord like Lionel Messi, then you can simply put in your room the ambiance of Lionel Messi while playing your Ps5 game in your playroom

4. Add Wi-Fi DIY Project

Transferring your videos and photos to your computer in a mirrorless or DLSR camera manually for sharing can be a very tedious process. However, by upgrading the camera, you can make the process go seemingly without stress.

Adding a wi-fi will give the camera the required upgrade needed to ease the inconveniences of sharing photos, videos, and other files. All you need is to get the right SD card.

Some ways you can add a wireless feature to your camera is simply by using Wi-Fi + third-party adapters. a good example you can try out is Weye feye, iUSBportCamera, and CamRanger. Alternatively, you can as well pair the camera together with a smartphone. that has internet/data access.

5. DIY Computer Projects

Do you know you can actually minimize your spending by simply building your own mini home theater PC or gaming rig? With a small understanding of software, hard disk, streaming media, and downloadable movies to create a mini system that connects to your TV.

First thing first, choose the best hardware that suits the intended purposes. Importantly, do not forget parts such as your CPU and Motherboard. However, you might not need to buy any other new components since you can get some of them from your old PC.

6. DIY Dash Camera Project

Dash cameras are a very good way to capture amazing moments, especially when you visit a new place. They are fun to watch. Best of all, you can actually make out your own Dash camera and learn a lot about electronic and mobile recordings in general.

Cam cameras are a great addition to any driving vacation as they allow you to capture and bring back memories of visited places with ease. They leave you with a bragging right of doing it yourself. They are very cheap to make. A cam camera costs as low as $20. Also, it can also be used to call 911 during an emergency even when it is not connected to the internet, Sweet right? yeah!

First of, get a smartphone you do not use frequently, add live-streaming features to the camera via a Raspberry Pi. After which you could then include other advanced features such as GPS and status LEDs.

7. DIY Lightning Project

Most reading lamps are made from aerosol deodorants can. It’s a great way to recycle old cans. The good thing about them is that they create an effective reflector.

At first glance, they might actually not look attractive, but a closer and kin look at them brings out the beauty and it all seems cool and interesting at the end. Quick hack! Remember to also paint the exterior in other to complement the interior decoration.

Among some of the DIY lightning projects, you can do are: Lights in a Bottle, Creating a Galaxy on Your Ceiling, Setting The Mood With a DIY Ambilight, Reflecting on Infinity, and Beyond, Illuminate the Rain, Amazing Multicolored Lights with Bounce, etc.

8. DIY Sound Speaker

All you need to get this done are just two-party cups and a paper roll. These combinations will make an amazing sound speaker set. The cup is opened on one side respectively and will serve as an amplifier to make the sound louder.

This is a very good accessory for your outdoor activities during any summer vacation.

9. DIY Syncing Cloud Storage Project

Do it yourself syncing cloud storage projects is quite easy. Dropbox is easy to use and quite a whole number of people have the account because it is necessary for easy data storage.

Hence, there arises a necessity to build your own personal cloud storage where you will not have limitations to any other third party having access to your information or space. You can only create a clone version of a dropbox using a Raspberry Pi, then look for a file-sharing app.

Your knowledge of file sharing and networking is highly needed in this kind of project.

Here is a list of seven great DIY home projects to do in 2022.

DIY Tech Projects in 2022

  • DIY Electronic Appliances
  • DIY Film projectors
  • DIY Home lightning
  • DIY Health Utilities
  • DIY Energy converter
  • DIY Arduino projects
  • DIY Phone appliances
  • DIY computer projects

These Tech project ideas will need some level of skillfulness and creativity to come up with something useful.

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However, having this list of the best DIY Tech projects will help you channel your thoughts on areas you can explore.

What Can I Make With Electronics?

You might be curious to ask what you can build with electronics. There are numerous Tech project ideas that you can explore with electronics.

Here is a list of some of the best DIY Tech projects 2021 that you can make with electronics.

  • How to make a decorative lamp stand
  • Robots
  • Led Indicator
  • Fire Alarm sensor
  • Battery Charger
  • Circuit Connection
  • Mobile call indicator

Building a simple electronic project as a beginner must not be a multi-million dollar project. You can start with little projects that are easy to learn on Youtube while you progress to embark on complex DIY Technology inventions.

What Are Some Fun DIY Projects?

DIY projects shouldn’t be stressful or mind-boggling tasks. Ranging from recreating your room’s curtain style, to beautifying your garden to a creative form, there are a lot of fun DIY projects you could try out.

These fun DIY projects could be categorized into easy Technology projects, fun technology projects, or just cool gadgets for homes.

Nevertheless, here is a list of some fun DIY projects you can engage in.

  • A fun home basket
  • Cardboard paper DIYs
  • Tie and Dye
  • Decorative Planting Jars
  • Shoe Rack
  • Creative painting

Creativity has always been the bedrock of every innovation. It will help you blend your intelligence and ingenuity to incorporate your tech project ideas into a fun piece for the home or workplace.

How do you make a cool tech gadget at home? There are no other ways of making a cool tech gadget at home than making use of some abandoned home appliances and transforming them into better gadgets.

Here are six cool tech gadgets tech that you can make at home;

  • Homemade Satellite TV Antenna
  • Smartphone Projector
  • DIY Heating machine
  • DIY Alarm system
  • DIY Sound speakers
  • Arduino DIY projects

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Whether you are embarking on cheap DIY tech projects for beginners, DIY computer projects or you are looking for cool electronic projects to build, you will need some DIY Tech kits to kickstart your project.

You can purchase some DIY tech kits in the market depending on what type of project you wish to embark on.

However, you could just stick to a screwdriver and old house appliances.
The idea behind most of the best DIY tech projects in 2022 lies in creativity.

So whether you are looking for DIY tech projects for beginners or something complex, you must remember that the success of your project lies in your mind and the amount of information you have accumulated on the project. I hope to see you create an amazing DIY project by the time you are done reading this article.

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