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What is Samsung Financing | How It Works

How good would it be for you to have the access to purchase products without having to pay any interest on any product we buy. Yes, this is what Samsung financing gives you the ability to do. You can make any Samsung purchase with zero interest with any of the Samsung flexible plans.

To make this possible all you need is to have a very good credit score of around 700+ to be eligible for the Samsung credit financing.

However, on this page, we shall be discussing all you need to know about the Samsung program, the required credit score, and all you need to know about Samsung financing.

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Apply for Samsung financing

What Exactly Is Samsung Financing?

Samsung financing is a payment model that allows you to load your account/wallet with funds that you can use for your next Samsung device purchase. With the Samsung financing, you can pay for your next TV subscription, Phone subscription as well as purchase any Samsung appliances as long as you have loaded enough amount in your account.

Samsung financing allows you to shop both on and Samsung mobile App with your available credit.

It is a paperless financing service where eligible Samsung customers to make purchases for any product of their choice with no stress. This makes buying things online easier for customers because you can save up or load your account like you are saving in the bank and then whenever you want to buy anything, you can then use it to buy it.

However, any money you have loaded into your account cannot be withdrawn back again into your local bank account. also, any amount saved into your Samsung financing account can only be used to make an order of a Samsung product.

A Samsung account holder can purchase products via their Samsung products using the available credit.

The Samsung credit facility is a revolving credit facility. When an applicant is approved, then there will be no need for them to apply for financing again.

It is worth noting that the Samsung facility¬†is different from Samsung’s Buy Now Pay Later facility. A Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is an interest-free program that is offered only to customer that uses a credit card.

Also, Samsung offers customers some promotional credit offers which allow them to work in conjunction with its financing program. Any approved client can then buy products using these offers at a noninterest rate as far as they have met the required conditions.

How Does Samsung Financing Work?

It is very easy to apply for the Samsung financing program. You can apply for the Samsung credit account online using either Samsung or TD bank’s online portals. You can also apply for a new account at store outlets near you when checking out.

Even though the period between the application and approval is meant to be almost instant, oftentimes, it takes much longer to get your account application approved.

Upon successful approval, your account will have a credit limit approval transferred to your account. Once you are successfully approved, you can then use your credit limits.

Steps to Follow:

  • Apply for Samsung financing via the TD bank or on the portal
  • Get your credit line facility approval
  • Upon successful approval, keep using the credit line as a revolving line facility
  • Pay installmentally
  • Combine your existing approved credit facility with the promotional program offers.

Credit Score for Samsung Requirements

Although the exact credit score requirement is not clearly stated, the approval credit score procedures also apply here.

For those applying for a credit facility, here are the required things you will need in place:

  • Good credit history
  • Minimum of at least 700 credit score
  • Good credit score with no previous penalty
  • You must have a good record in the related financing program
  • Good income source to support your financing
  • Your income must be more than your debt (Income to debt ratio)

Please be reminded that the above is just a guideline based on statistics. The approval process will take you through the number of credit requirements.

TD Bank may be very particular about your credit history as this might eventually affect your credit score, So you should ensure to have a good credit score. Since it is the credit facility is offered by TD bank.

How to Get Samsung Financing Approval

For you to stand a chance of getting the Samsung financing approval, having a good credit score is not enough, you need to as well apply online or you can use a phone line to apply.

Samsung might not evaluate your credit score and credit history like TD back. But TD bank will have to evaluate your application by checking your credit score and credit history.

To also stand a good chance of getting approval, you need to have a minimum of a 700+ credit score.

Having a large sum of checking balance is not enough for a successful approval, the credit history plays a very significant role in determining your approval status.

After successful approval, you can now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Credit approval program (Once)
  • Ability to combine the program with several other promotions and plans
  • Have access to instant credit processing
  • Access to manage your account online
  • $250 available program purchase.


  • Samsung financing is a payment model that allows you use your credit balance to make Samsunf product purcahse.
  • It has zero interest purchase rate
  • You need to have a good credit balance to be qualified for Samsung financing
  • Application process is online or via TD bank
  • You credit history is also important for your appliation.


Samsung financing approval is very easy to get. all you need to do is to ensure that ou havemeet with the required criteria that are need before your tender your application. We hope you haveleran one or two things about the Samasu Finacing program and application. Thank you for reading.

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